Somatic Integration



We walk across the room

the way we walk through our lives.

Change the Patterns.



Deanna Clasby

As an active outdoor enthusiast from Alaska, Deanna found her way down the path of her own healing when she started addressing sports injuries so she could keep playing & exploring in the mountains. The profound level of personal healing that she received  inspired her to become a Certified Rolfer herself.


When it is safe and appropriate to be open for in-office visits, Riverflame will be following required & recommended health & safety protocols. 

Phone&Screen sessions offered at this time for energy-work & clairvoyant readings.

This is a time to be working collectively for our collective health. 

Efficacious and fully capable of creating physical changes. We can do Rolfing sessions as distance healing by working with Source Point. Source Point is the energy medicine taxonomy of Rolfing. Source Point works with body scans to detect blockages in the subtle, energetic & physical body. Then orienting to source and grounding in the Blue Print of Health, we bring support and presence to the areas that need help, to bring about transformation and reestablish harmony within the soma.

Covering the Evolutionary Cycles of the Aeons, to your own personal past lives, life missions, the goal of these session is for an Alchemical Change in your being. Making you more available for the greater good you are here to do in this world.

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