Phone&Screen sessions, efficacious and fully capable of facilitating systemic physical changes, are a viable option for those who need attention and care right now.


FREE consultations available. 

Special reduced prices on Phone&Screen sessions. 

Phone&Screen Sessions

•If you are interested and want to know more about how a phone or screen session could work for you, please email or call me and we can discuss the process.

•Guided Rolf Movement Exercises unwind, lengthen and release inhibited tissues. 

•Somatic Experiencing Nervous System Regulation Work supports down-regulation, co-regulation, and increased coherency of the nervous system via guided movements, meditations, and somatic perception-tracking.

•Akashic Alchemy Clairvoyant Reading Sessions dive into the heart of the spiritual significance of our lives personally, and for this planet. These sessions animate us within the akashic, karmic & ancestral matrixes, galvanizing healings & clearings. Communicating with pets and deceased loved ones, and connecting with our guides and watchers, re-attunes us to our larger spiritual communities, connections & supports.

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