Deanna Clasby believes enhancing the vitality of each person allows them to be available for the greater good they wish to do in the world. Being a global, non-linear, processor, she interacts with the body as an interconnected web, affecting the whole being from any contact point. Her ability to track other people’s systems, especially at subtle levels, allows her to grasp and guide the patterns that lead to deep change. Passionately dedicated to the personal evolution of each client, the focus of Deanna’s work goes far beyond just fixing aches and pains. She enjoys working with all aspects of the person at once; physical, spiritual & cultural.

As an active outdoor enthusiast from Alaska, Deanna found her way down the path of her own healing when she started addressing sports injuries so she could keep playing & exploring in the mountains. The profound level of personal healing that she received  inspired her to become a Certified RolferTM herself. Dedicated too continual learning, Deanna expanded her skill sets into the deeper levels of craniosacral therapy, nervous system regulation, and touch therapy for trauma informed bodywork. Her decades of involvement with earth renewal & pray ceremonies guide her life mission as a spiritual activist. Wanting to integrate spirituality into her work more intentionally, Deanna did an apprenticeship with a well know & respected clairvoyant healer in her community. Deanna has been a Somatic Practitioner since 2003.

Certifications & Trainings


Somatic Resilience & Regulation: Early Trauma, 3 Modules Kathy Kane

Clairvoyant Training, Year Apprenticeship, Simply Spirit Center


Touching Trauma: Touch Skills Trainings, 4 Modules, Kathy Kane

Visceral Structural Integration, Bruce Schonfeld


Complex Trauma:Touch Based Methods, Kathy Kane

Die Wise, Hollyhock Workshop, Steven Jenkinson


Resilience & Self Regulation, Touch for Trauma Therapy, Kathy Kain

Shoulder Girdle & Arms Rolfing Workshop, Tessy Brungardt


Somatic Experiencing® 3 year Certification Course Completed

Continuum Movement Workshop, Emilie Conrad


Source Point Therapy® Modules 1-3

Integrating the Whole Person: Sift Deeper Patterns, Duffy Allen


Somatic Experiencing® 3 year Certification Course Started

Core/Sleeve Integration Workshop, Russell Stolzoff


Certified Rolfer & Certified Rolf Movement Practitioner


Trigger Point, Acorn Apprenticeships


Essential Body Reading for MFR, Russell Stolzoff

Visceral Application,  Belley & Pelvis, Marty Ryan

Cranial Release & Balance 4, Michael Maskornick


Massage Cupping Certification


Cranial Release & Balance 1-3, Michael Maskornick


Craniosacral Therapy, Bastyr


Certified Massage Therapist


Reiki 1&2



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