Somatic Integration combines Rolfing®, Source Point®, Somatic Experiencing®, Craniosacral, Movement Education & Akashic Alchemy.

Rolfing is the unwinding and releasing of the connective tissues around muscles, bones, joints  & organs, to facilitate an overall increase in the organization of the body's structure and function.  The goal is not just to get the body back to where it was before injury or pain; Rolfing seeks to evolve the soma & help us reach unrealized potentials.


Does Rolfing hurt? When done with sophistication and finesse, Rolfing can easily work within the client’s boundaries of intensity and discomfort. If pressure and depth alone are used to gauge the level of contact, the work will always feel too tough or too light. We listen for and then reach to, the tissue depths that are ready for change, and that are asking to be met.


Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing & Trauma Informed Touch Therapy are Body Based Therapies that are used in conjunction with Rolfing, Craniosacral and/or other Bodywork based sessions. This work alleviates our body's bracing patterns, tensions, aches & pains, that stem from stress holding patterns. This work is done at a tissue and joint level in approach and goal. And we can use this work as a trauma-informed, bodywork-integrated way of creating more ease and comfort in our body and movements. This work can be a complimentary adjunct for individuals undergoing mental health therapy who also want support at the somatic level while they go through their process with their appropriate mental health provider. This work however, is not a substitute for mental health therapy, and is not to be used as a way to treat mental health issues. 

Source Point works with Points and Sacred Geometry in the human energy field that directly connect the physical body with Source & the Blueprint of Health. The primary Points hold the vital information of Order, Balance, Harmony, & Flow, which are the necessary to sustenance of life. 

Efficacious and fully capable of creating physical changes. We can do Rolfing sessions as distance healing by working with Source Point. Source Point is the energy medicine taxonomy of Rolfing. Source Point works with body scans to detect blockages in the subtle, energetic & physical body. Then orienting to source and grounding in the Blue Print of Health, we bring support and presence to the areas that need help, to bring about transformation and reestablish harmony within the soma.

The ripple effects of the Biorhythms through the body constitute vitality. Enhancing the inherent motions of the tissues, working with subtle micro-movements, that give rise to our accustomed macro-movements, perpetuates the global and dynamic Flow in our system and articulations.


Water Planet. Fluid Body. Tidal Pulse.

The Breath of Life. Health extends the ebb & flow.

Relaxation is not stillness, Relaxation is to float and sway.

Full Body Relaxation Massage to treat, pamper and indulge yourself. Return to Solace.

The way you walk across the room is the way you walk through life. Change the Pattern.


Our organism is an orchestra of cells, molecules, tissues, pulses, breaths, & waves. Harmonizing this orchestra enhances the undulating spirals and cultivates the organic intelligence of our organism. Movement is who we are. Riverflame is certified in Rolf Movement® and has trained under Emily Conrad studying Continuum Movement Therapy.

    Alchemical Clairvoyant Readings    

Aura&Chakras • Past Lives • Trauma/Karma Cycles • Life Lessons & Mission • Spirit Guides  

Ancestors • Deceased Loved Ones • Pet Communication • Lives between Lives

 Akashic Records • Cyclic Aeon Evolutions  

 Covering the Evolutionary Cycles of the Aeons, to your own personal past lives, life missions, the goal of each Akashic Alchemy session is for an Alchemical Change in your being. Making you more available for the greater good you are here to do in this world.

 Powerful Vibration Technology Tool. Break up scar tissue, release muscular tension and holding patterns. 

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Offering Somatic Integration, 

 Organic Intelligence Movement Education,

 Coherency Matrix, & Akashic Alchemy Classes


Classes are offered at a variety of studio locations across Washington State.


The way you walk across the room

is the way you walk through life.

Change the Pattern.

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