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Intuitive, Clairvoyant Readings

•If you are interested, and want to know more about how a phone or screen session could work for you, please schedule a FREE phone consultation & we can discuss how the process could work for you.

•Accessing the Akashic Records, we can delve into your own spiritual life lessons, soul missions, and karma. We can explore your past lives, and address ancestral healing. We can clear and read chakras & aura. We can connect with different spirit guides for their guidance, protection and healing. We can communicate with plants and pets. I also offer tarot card readings using the beautifully painted, nature based Brady deck.

•I like to call my intuitive, clairvoyant reading sessions Akashic Alchemy, because I ground my perception in the Akashic Field, accessing catalytic information for alchemical transformations.

•Akashic Alchemy Clairvoyant Reading Sessions dive into the heart of the spiritual significance of our lives personally, and for this planet. These sessions animate us within the akashic, karmic & ancestral matrixes, galvanizing healings & clearings. Communicating with pets and deceased loved ones, and connecting with our guides and watchers, re-attunes us to our larger spiritual communities, connections & supports.

•Akashic Alchemy Sessions can be integrated into Source Point, Rolfing, Craniosacral and/or Somatic Experiencing sessions. 

Source Point Therapy®

Rolf & Rolf Movement®


Efficacious and fully capable of creating physical changes. We can do Rolfing sessions as distance healing by working with Source Point. Source Point is the energy medicine taxonomy of Rolfing. Source Point works with body scans to detect blockages in the subtle, energetic & physical body. Then orienting to source and grounding in the Blue Print of Health, we bring support and presence to the areas that need help, to bring about transformation and reestablish harmony within the soma.

Source Point works with Points and Sacred Geometry in the human energy field that directly connect the physical body with Source & the Blueprint of Health. The primary Points hold the vital information of Order, Balance, Harmony, & Flow, which are the necessary to sustenance of life.

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